Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Knowledge Sharing : Never Underestimate

A widely known Professor went on a boat trip to do some research on a mangrove area. While the boatman paddled quietly and slowly, the Professor asked him "Have you ever gone to school?". Quietly, the boatman answered "No. I can't afford to". The Professor said "Oh! What a shame. You've lost a quarter of your life". Then he asked again "Do you know what can be produced from these mangrove trees?". The boatman answered "No. I only know there's a lot of fish around here".  The Professor said "Oh! That's a pity. You've lost half of your life not knowing what you have around here".

The boatman kept on paddling. Then suddenly he noticed that water was seeping fast into the boat through a hole. He asked the Professor "Professor, do you know how to swim?". Taken aback, the Professor answered "No. Why?". The boatman said "I think you're about to lose your whole life, because the boat is sinking".

Moral of the story:
Never underestimate others just because of their position or the difference of their background. Man are sent to this world to compliment each other. So we should learn how to co-exist. Nobody is superior than the other. 

p/s Tq to Pak Mus as a SUB (PP) coz sharing this story on Monday Blues......

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